Emovare provides both Executive Assistance and Executive Development programmes for those currently in leadership roles as well as those future leaders who wish to harness their potential.

Increased engagement, a sustained positive shift in mood, improved self-care, clarity of leadership goals and better relationships with colleagues and family are not only outcomes that will benefit your leaders but will also have a lasting impact on your organisation.

Whatever your business, whatever its size, you need to operate as a team. Your team consists of individuals – people with their own strengths, individual challenges and needs. But your team has shared goals. And to achieve these goals, your team needs strong leadership.

We expect a lot of our leaders. Our leaders must be masters in engaging the team and in guiding the team’s efforts towards the organisation’s goals. Our leaders must also be skilled in managing the downside, in working with the team to overcome the roadblocks along the way; all this while shouldering the considerable professional and personal pressures leadership entails.

At times our leaders may require specialist support or coaching in order to perform at their peak. Perhaps a senior executive needs to enhance or refresh his or her skill set. Perhaps he or she is struggling with a major life event such as divorce or bereavement, redundancy or depression. Perhaps there are concerns within the organisation around certain entrenched behaviours. Or maybe certain senior executives display special talents that could be further developed to benefit the organisation.

We believe in a holistic approach, one that takes into account the physical, emotional and intellectual health of the individual, while emphasising the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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Emovare’s Steven Colligan consulted for NZ Herald article – October 17, 2013

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