Our Approach – how we do it

Traditionally Executive Assistance and Development programmes are offered in isolation. That is, while initial coaching or counselling may be facilitated by the organisation, any learning or insight that is acquired as a result of one-on-one programmes remain with the individual. For lasting impact, we believe the process needs to go deeper.

Engaging the organisation is critical

Whilst maintaining confidentiality is paramount to the success of any programme of this nature, involving the sponsor, managers and peers through facilitated feedback ensures an on-going commitment to change by both the individual and the organisation.

Holistic assessment for sustained impact

Emovare also carries out full physical and emotional assessments that involve evaluating, among other things: stress levels, personal and family health risk, lifestyle practices, and nutrition. Working within the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) encourages the development of skills in self and social awareness that can carry many cross-over benefits from the professional into the personal sphere.

The right set of tools is important too

Capturing an accurate view of the individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing requires the right set of tools. Emovare employs the Hogan suite of personality tools in order to measure the individual’s behaviours, motivations and values. The Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory all provide critical input to a true assessment of the individual’s overall wellbeing.

Isolation is not an option

Three way meetings, 360° feedback and feed forward can all be integrated into the process to achieve positive outcomes not only for the individual concerned but for the wider organisation. What may be seen as a challenge or a ‘career blocker’ can be transformed into an opportunity for personal growth.