Emovare Executive Assistance Programme

Senior executives operate in an environment of constant change where the pressures they face are often considerable. The issues they grapple with differ significantly from those facing the general workforce and have potential to spill over from workplace and into the home environment. Career uncertainty, stress, life events such as divorce or loss of a love one can all dramatically affect their ability to perform at their peak or to simply enjoy life.

Emovare’s Executive Assistance Programme is a service developed specifically for higher level management. We offer a professional, confidential, future-focussed coaching service for executives in times of change or personal challenge.

Growth through Awareness, Acceptance and Action

We believe in a holistic approach to executive wellbeing and engage in both an emotional and physical assessments in our Executive Assistance Programme. Our approach adheres to the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which encourages self-awareness and social awareness whilst developing the individual’s skills in the areas of introspection, influence and ultimately, impact.