Leadership Development

The strength of teams often relies on the pooling of different skill sets and the bringing together of various personalities to achieve a common goal. Skills aside, individuals bring to the management table a complex blend of attitudes, reputations and team performance challenges which can in turn act as obstacles to achieving the team’s collective aim.

Perhaps there is a need for an executive to change his or her behaviour. It may be that the organisation has identified an executive with latent talents, who simply requires additional coaching to reach his or her full potential.

Emovare’s approach to leadership development centres on empowering leaders to more effectively manage their personal brand with their peers, direct reports and others with whom they interact. Our goal is to enhance the leader’s impact and influence across the organisation by improving their engagement and bolstering their performance toolkit.

Emovare employs baseline assessments, 360° feedback and a range of proven Hogan leadership tools to ensure we capture future-focussed outcomes that will benefit not only the individual but also the wider organisation.