Who Are We

Steven Colligan

  • Capability building
  • Business Transformation
  • Change Leadership
  • Human Resources Transformation

Steven is passionate about assisting organisations attract, develop and retain outstanding talent while fostering environments and culture to support executive performance at the highest level. With over 20 years of experience in Organisational Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR), Steven brings considerable experience to his role as executive coach and facilitator.

Steven has held a range of senior roles in both small and large organisations and has led extensive OD/HR projects as well as executive leadership programmes in New Zealand, Australia, The United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

He has consulted to a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sectors, as well as in the not for profit sector, working with senior executives to develop their leadership skill set in order to maximise team performance and ultimately, improve business outcomes.

Some of the clients who have benefited from Steven’s expertise in organisational and capability development include: Fonterra, Telecom New Zealand, The University of Auckland, Simpson Grierson, The New Zealand Aids Foundation, National Australia Bank, BC Gas Vancouver, TopShop (UK), WHSmith (UK), JHP Group (UK).

Steven is a registered Psychotherapist. He holds a Diploma in Management (Human Resources) and a post-graduate Diploma in Psychosocial Studies. Steven is qualified in the use of Firo Element B tools, Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessments, and the Hogan suite of recruitment and assessment tools.

Glenys Gwynne

  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Executive assistance programmes
  • Management of personal brand and organisational impact
  • Enhancement of team engagement and performance

For Glenys, success needs to be defined as more than helping senior executives achieve their potential, it’s about helping them create what they really want from a career perspective.

Drawing on a career of over 20 years in both corporate roles and as part of a Human Resources consultancy, Glenys specialises in guiding leaders and high-level managers through periods of organisational change as well as through times of personal transition. Her skills as a coach have enabled countless individuals to navigate successfully their career challenges and overcome roadblocks to professional fulfilment, while her work with teams has also positively impacted individuals and organisations alike.

Glenys is committed to working within the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), actively encouraging her clients toward self and social awareness, while supporting them in bringing their new found learnings into practice.

With an emphasis on achieving positive behavioural changes, Glenys encourages the use of 360° feedback and feedforward, coaching individuals and teams in how they can more effectively use feedback as an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.

Glenys is certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessments and is a FIRO B practitioner. She is fully accredited in the application of the Hogan suite of Assessment tools. She holds a Certificate in Training and Human Resource Development from the University of Auckland, and has participated in the Coaching and Mentoring programme from Global Resonance, as well as facilitation training from